Project Joseph


About Project joseph

Project Joseph is an Archdiocesan services and formation program for men facing crisis pregnancies. It is run by men for men. Our mentors are volunteers from the community. There is no charge for the services that we provide.

Fathers may attend an entire program of 18 modules divided into three blocks of six:  Becoming a Better Man; Parenting; Future Planning.

Fathers also receive education and support in other areas of fatherhood such as:

- community resources,

- behavior management,

- infant development,

- chastity and human sexuality,

- legal rights of fathers,

- faith and parenting,

- marriage and family,

- safeguarding children.

The program operates out of four of the five archdiocesan pregnancy help centers: Central Broward (Fort Lauderdale), South Broward (Hollywood), North Dade (Miami Gardens), and South Dade, soon to be expanded to North Broward (Margate).

Dads are “paid” Parent Dollars for every session they attend.  They can cash in these parent dollars for anything from diapers to cribs and mattresses.  

A father may join Project Joseph at any point from the moment of conception until the child is one-year old.  Project Joseph is always there to help if a father needs to return later.

Today's dads have lost the most fundamental right and they are completely unaware of it. Our preborn children can be killed againt our will and without our knowledge. Part of our masculine idenity and the most precious of our masculine rights is the right to be a father from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death.

The Project is a joint venture between Respect Life Ministry Archdiocese of Miami and Franciscans of Life. Project Joseph is grounded in the spirituality of St. Francis of Assisi. Fathers and mentors are brothers who walk side by side on this journey.


If you believe you may benefit from this Project, please contact the Project Director at director@francior call our 24-7 hotline: (786) 495-3426


Fathers who need to grieve their abortion loss and who seek reconciliation and healing have found a great blessing in post-abortive counseling. We can connect you to a Project Rachel mentor who can provide you this service, entirely free.


Project Joseph: Reaching Out to Fathers in Need